Finally. A platform that makes it easy to invest in authentic NFTs while earning big rewards.
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Investing made simple.
See what's in the green with just a quick glance at our stats. The best NFT deals are hard to miss and easy to add to your portfolio.
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A more authentic marketplace.
The NFTs you buy on Jungle are verified for authenticity. Enjoy investing in genuine assets, and spend less time wading through worthless fakes.
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Don't want to get bogged down in NFT trading data? We keep things simple. Explore the best NFT investments with our clear filters and rankings.
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Got questions? We have answers.
What is a wallet and how do I connect it?
A crypto wallet is where you can store digital currency to purchase NFTs. You need to set this up before you start trading on Jungle because we don’t store any of your digital assets (a secure practice). Simply click the green ‘Connect Wallet’ button and you’ll be prompted to select a crypto wallet provider and be guided through the relevant steps to link it to our platform.
How do I buy an NFT?
The first thing you’ll need to do is buy some cryptocurrency. Once that’s in your wallet (that you’ve connected to Jungle) you can simply explore the collection page for the top-performing NFT collections, guided by our stats. Choose the NFTs within those collections that you’d like to buy, paying attention to our trading insights, and click the ‘Buy Now’ button.
How do I list and sell an NFT?
Once you’ve connected your wallet to Jungle, you can set up your profile and add your NFTs to it. For each individual NFT in your dashboard that you own, you will have the option to click a ‘Sell’ button and choose how you want to sell it. You can either sell it for a fixed price, or select ‘Timed Auction’ as an option. You can view and accept any offers you receive via your Jungle dashboard.
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The sooner you start, the sooner you earn.
In this day and age, a diverse portfolio needs digital assets.
But investing should be easy, with verified NFTs, on a platform that combines both. Wow. Looks like you're in the right place.
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It’s a jungle out there - that’s why we became the best digital marketplace to trade and invest in authentic NFTs.
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