You think a floor price is as low as it gets? Think again.We put our own marketplace earnings into discounting every NFT listed on our platform.
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The Jungle floor is always lower.

No token gesture rewards here.

Save actual ETH on every NFT listed on our platform with discounts straight from our own pocket.


Supercharge your earning potential.

Find the best NFT deals with JungleAI.

Trade smarter and faster, with an NFT search tool powered by OpenAI.

Save ETH with Jungle Deals.

When other marketplaces list an NFT at the floor price, that’s the price you get. On Jungle, we redistribute most of our profits to lower NFT prices even further, even those at the floor.

We call these savings Jungle Deals.

We don’t dish out random tokens. Our profits become discounts so you can keep more ETH where it belongs: Your wallet.

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You’re only human. Trade smarter with AI.

Jungle AI is the NFT search tool you wish you had two years ago.

No more hanging around waiting to jump on the right opportunity at the right time.

Find the right NFTs. Fast. With our Jungle AI tool powered by OpenAI.

Search with AI

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We have answers.

Let’s say someone lists their NFT on Jungle and on other marketplaces for 1 ETH. We use funds from our platform fees to lower the list price for potential buyers at no cost to the seller. So you might buy an NFT that’s 1 ETH everywhere else, for 0.98 ETH on Jungle, for example. Anything that’s discounted lower on our platform than on the other 27 marketplaces we aggregate the lowest NFT price data from, will be labelled as a Jungle Deal. You’re welcome.

We go lower. Your earnings get higher.

Wouldn’t it be great if a marketplace cut the prices of their own listings so you could save ETH? Imagine if they also had an AI sniping tool. Looks like you’re in the right place.
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It’s a jungle out there - that’s why we became the best digital marketplace to find high-value NFTs at the lowest possible price.

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