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Check our FAQ to find out answers to the most popular questions.

How do I create an NFT?

Making an NFT on Jungle is easy. This guide explains how to set up your very first NFT on the Jungle NFT Marketplace.

How do I sell an NFT?

Looking to sell your first NFT on Jungle? You can easily create or sell an NFT in minutes through your profile.

How do I report an NFT, user, or collection?

User safety is a priority at the Jungle NFT Marketplace, especially when it comes to scams or malicious content. Please follow these steps to report an NFT, user, or collection to us.

What is freezing metadata?

When you freeze your metadata, you are permanently locking and storing it on decentralized file storage.

Why should I use Jungle NFT Marketplace?

We promote straightforward transactions, easily discoverable art, and community-driven designs. Jungle NFT Marketplace is for everyone - not just early adopters or crypto experts.

Where can I find NFT sales?

If you want to buy NFTs, you need to create a digital wallet to purchase and store your Ethereum. You can choose any wallet, link it with the Jungle NFT Marketplace, and start bidding on NFTs.