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Where can I find NFT sales?

NFTs are now becoming the talk of the town, with it being the buzz throughout 2021. We can see the same growing demand for non-fungible tokens to continue. NFTs are a digital asset that you can own, buy, sell and trade with cryptocurrency. It has become the new bandwagon.

So, if you are wondering where you can find NFT sales from, we will give you a little bit of guidance about it. Going through cryptocurrencies and wallets to purchase NFTs can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, we will explain it in simple words without any technical jargon.

How to find NFT sales?

Currently, you can purchase the majority of NFTs using ether. It is the native currency you can find on the Ethereum blockchain technology that you can purchase using US dollars from crypto exchanges, such as Gemini, Coinbase, Kraken, etc.
Ethereum allows you to create applications to store your personal information and other confidential data for financial transactions. This is one of the distinctive features Ethereum has that separates it from Bitcoin which you can only use as a payment network or cryptocurrency.

By storing your financial information on Ethereum, you will create smart contracts. These are virtual contracts on the blockchain, and their execution will take place automatically as soon as the specific condition of the contracts is met.

So, if you want to buy NFTs, the first thing you need to do is create a digital wallet to purchase and store your Ethereum. You can choose any wallet you want and link it with the NFT marketplace. You can pick the NFT you like and place a bid on it.

You can buy NFTs through an auction system where you will have to place a bid for the NFT you want. However, various sites allow you to buy NFT on the spot at a fixed price.

Taking advantage of Etherscan

The best tool you can use to make your overall journey of purchasing NFTs straightforward is Etherscan. You can use it to navigate through the Ethereum blockchain. With the easiest ways to search your wallet, you can verify any transaction without issues.

Moreover, you can use it to verify your transaction history by simply entering your token balance. For anyone using MetaMask wallet, you can follow the steps below to view your transaction history:

  • Step 1 - Click on the three dots present on the extension’s right side
  • Step 2 - Choose “View on Etherscan”
  • Step 3 - Go through your transaction history and token balance on Etherscan

If you are looking to find transactions relating to the creator earning payment, NFT sales, or others, you can check the “Internal Txns” tab. Moreover, if you sell any NFT via an auction, there may be a chance you will be required to add the WETH as a token to your crypto wallet or MetaMask for finding it.


With NFTs becoming a global phenomenon, you might want to purchase one for yourself. Therefore, use the process mentioned in the article to get your hands on your favorite non-fungible token in no time.

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